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Apple’s Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset: Potential Delay for European Buyers


Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed reality headset has garnered significant attention worldwide. However, according to a recent report by Bloomberg, potential European buyers may face a delay in accessing this cutting-edge technology. The launch of the headset is expected in the US in early 2024, with other markets, including Europe, following towards the end of the same year. In this blog post, we will explore the reported delays and the potential impact on European consumers eagerly awaiting the arrival of Apple’s Vision Pro.

Delay for European Buyers:

According to anonymous sources familiar with Apple’s internal matters, the initial release of the Vision Pro headset is likely to prioritize the UK and Canada, with other regions, including Europe, following shortly after. However, this order is subject to change as Apple engineers are currently focused on localizing the device for various countries, including France, Germany, and other European nations. The specific reasons for the delay have not been disclosed, but it is speculated that localization efforts and compliance with regional regulations may be contributing factors.

In-Store Experience and Customization:

In the United States, Apple plans to make the Vision Pro available in all Apple stores from the start. However, sources suggest that special promotional areas, where customers can try out demo units while seated and customize accessories for a perfect fit, will only be set up in selected outlets. Initially, these special areas will be limited to major metropolitan areas such as New York and Los Angeles, gradually expanding to cover the rest of the country. The appointment-based purchasing strategy, similar to the approach used for the Apple Watch in 2015, aims to ensure that customers leave with a product that fits them correctly. Apple intends to offer personalized features such as custom prescription lenses and tailored light protection by utilizing an iPhone app to measure the user’s head.

Supply Chain Challenges and Third-Party Sales:

The report suggests that Apple will not allow third-party vendors to sell the mixed reality headset until 2025. This decision stems from the need to address supply chain challenges and provide comprehensive sales force training before distributing demonstration units to external retailers. While this approach ensures quality control and consistent customer experiences, it may prolong the availability of the Vision Pro through alternative channels.


The potential delay in launching Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset for European buyers is a notable development in the tech industry. As Apple focuses on localizing the device and addressing supply chain challenges, European consumers eagerly awaiting the arrival of this cutting-edge product may need to exercise patience. However, the reported commitment to in-store customization and personalized features indicates Apple’s dedication to providing an exceptional user experience. As the Vision Pro finally reaches European markets, it is expected to make a significant impact on the future of mixed reality technology and further solidify Apple’s position as an innovative industry leader.

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