Strategies To Balance Work And Motherhood During COVID

Take time to be alone. Take time to pray. Take time to meditate. Because it is the source of all your life and your most faithful friend.


Balancing motherhood and work during the pandemic is not an easy feat for a working mom. It is indeed stressful to perform a full day of work to your supervisor while ensuring you give your children the attention they crave from you. Unfortunately, even though businesses worldwide are slowly opening up, the same isn’t true for places that offer traditional activities such as classes, lessons, and camps.

What does this mean for a working mom who has to beat work deadlines and ensure she keeps her children busy all day?

A working mom can ace the game and ensure she crushes all her goals with the right strategies. Some strategies a working mom can use to balance work and motherhood are given below:

Recreate Your Schedule

One of the best working mom life hacks is to try and shift the hours around until you find a schedule that works for you: don’t stick to the rigid timing. Instead, take advantage of the one thing a working mom during pandemic can capitalize on – the control they might have over their work hours.

For instance, whenever you can, let your kids stay up a little later than their regular bedtime. Then wake up earlier than usual while the children sleep in the morning. The alone time will work wonders for a working mom who’s looking to get some work done.

Establish A Tag Team

Establishing a tag team is how working moms balance life. But how does this work? Make your partner your tag-team helpmate by switching working schedules. For instance, when a working mom starts working in the morning, the partner can take care of the household and parental duties.

A working mom will then resume parental and home duties during the afternoon while the partner starts their work. Doing this ensures that a working mom takes care of both the house and their source of income. Luckily for a working mom, employers are more understanding during this COVID season.

Prioritize Your Goals And Lay The Groundwork

Stop wondering, “How can working moms reduce stress?” Prioritize your tasks. As a working mom, you probably have work reports to write, clients to follow up with, meals to cook, and laundry loads to do. A working mom has to think of a priority list the same way a football player would think of their game.

Have a list of priorities for each day to help you visualize all the activities you have to accomplish by the evening. Then create a simple to-do list: it’ll help you reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by helping you stay away from those tasks that aren’t urgent and give you more room to concentrate on those more important.

Communicate And Reach Out To Others

One of the challenges a working mom faces during COVID is the inability to have casual social interaction with people other than your kids or partner. If your whole office is working from home, you don’t have the interactions to combat any isolation you may feel. For a working mom, feeling lonely may result in anxiety, which may affect your productivity.

For some great working mom motivation, try to have as many virtual coffee breaks with your colleagues as you can. If you start to feel anxious, you can also reach out to a friend and catch up, as this will help you relax a little.

A Working Mom Should Be Thankful

Why? It puts the mind in the right frame for a working mom to balance work and motherhood. This is what being thankful does:

  • It shifts the focus on positive things and keeps negativity at bay.
  • It makes a working mom aware of the contributions others make at home and work, making her feel supported.
  • It instigates a growth mindset, which helps her to adjust and adapt to the challenges of working during COVID.

So be thankful at all times.


As a working mom, you shouldn’t beat yourself up to find a balance between work and motherhood. Besides, as a parent, it should be a priority to introduce some flexibility into your life so you can spend time with your children and be productive during work hours.

Are you a working mom? What other strategies have you used to balance your work and home life during this pandemic?

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