When starting a new relationship, many people would like to know the outcome. Of course, it is impossible to predict relationship compatibility exactly, but it is better to pay attention to some points. We will tell you which ones.

It is quite difficult for men and women belonging to different psyche types to get along together. It’s okay if friends or relatives are of different psychological types. But when it comes to close relationships or finding a partner for life, relationship compatibility comes first.

relationshipLet’s pretend you’ve met your ideal partner with the help of the Dating Reviewer. You’ve already had several dates, or perhaps you even started living together. And now you are worried if you are compatible with your partner. We will tell you about the types of relationship compatibility and ways to determine them. Let’s take a look together!

You Enjoy Doing Daily Routine Together

Your partner starts cleaning the apartment, and you are happy to help, making your contribution. Together you plan the menu for the week and then go shopping together, discussing the choice of foods.

If necessary, you cook food together or share responsibilities in some other way. Perfect family? No, just equal partnerships. And you have made the right choice of a partner if you share your household chores.

You Can Keep Each Other’s Secrets

Do you know any of your partner’s secrets? Does he or she know any of yours? If so, are you able to keep these secrets from others while respecting your partner’s privacy?

It may seem like a trifle, but the ability to keep your partner’s secrets is a sign that your relationship is at a certain level of respect. You value each other and strive for the best relationship compatibility.

The same can be said about the situation when you have common secrets. The ability to keep them is another sign of a perfect relationship, proving that you both made the right choice.

You Are Attracted to Your Partner by Mind, Body, and Soul

Of course, you are attracted to something in your partner. It is a basic feeling that needs to arise to motivate you to develop the relationship further. But is your partner’s mind attractive?

How to check relationship compatibility? Does your relationship mean that your partner is close to you in spirit, or are you only interested in physical attractiveness? Is your partner the kind of person with whom you will always find common topics of conversation, even years later, when both of you become old and riddled with wrinkles? Ask yourself these simple questions.

You Are Improving Each Other

It’s great when, for example, a wife can make her husband a little better, or vice versa. It is not about violent attempts to change the partner’s worldview.

For example, when a partner’s passion for jogging in the morning encourages another to join. It is the so-called reciprocal improvement through mutual stimulation.

You constantly manage to make each other a little better – without pressure, without quarrels, without moralizing. Perhaps someone will consider this point not necessary for a relationship. But we are talking not just about relationships but about their ideal pattern, right?

Your Fights with Your Partner Are Productive

If you have chosen the right partner for the relationship, then the fights that can happen between you (and this is normal) do not happen to prove that one partner is right and the other partner is wrong.

This is secondary. And attempts to find some common contact points in your quarrels with your beloved are also secondary (although this is far from the worst option that can end your argument!).

How to make relationship compatibility better? When you sort things out with your partner, try to understand their point of view, find a common language, compromise, showing respect for each other in the very process of the dispute. If you ended the argument with the feeling that you won, then you lost!


Do yourself a favor and take a sober look at your relationship. You might even be surprised when you see that you are perfect for each other. Even perfectly compatible couples can lose each other in misunderstanding and unwillingness to meet halfway. In contrast, even less compatible couples can learn to understand and adapt to maintain a strong and harmonious bond.

Share your thoughts about compatibility in a relationship. Do you match these points?

Author’s bio: 

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

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