Top 10 Video Marketing Tools of 2021 Creating Buzz in the Market


Video MarketingVideo marketing has become one of the must-try options for brand promotion and boost brand reach online. How to edit videos and start promoting them? Driving traffic on a website may not be easy without the use of engaging and creative video content. You need to give a personalized touch to videos while editing to make them stand out from the rest. This is where you need to look for the latest movie maker that can make editing an easy one. If your main purpose is to create promotional videos, try with the latest options listed below.

1. InVideo

When searching for the latest online video editor with the latest features and intuitive interface, InVideo can be the safest bet. Give a personalized touch to videos for free and get access to a huge stock library for music and features, effects, and presets. InVideo can create the best videos for marketing online. It has created a buzz with its ease of accessibility and the latest features available for free. Without any creative limitations and problems with the watermark, this could be your safest bet when using it for marketing purposes. 

2. Common Craft

Common Craft is excellent video marketing software on which you can convert from video to videos, pictures to video, and animations. It doesn’t require purchasing the app, and you can use the application for free and learn about the editing features better. In this, video uploading is a less hassle task enabling direct video editing on the app. Once the video is complete, you can click to share it on different platforms required for marketing. Moreover, creating an explainer video is easy on this software, and you can use animation and audio as required in the video to take it to the next level.

3. Animoto

When professionals are creating videos for marketing, Animoto is the name that can be your savior. Creating professional-level video and adding special effects is what this app offers you to do. Without engaging video content, videos may not create a buzz in the market and cope with rising competition. If looking for business growth with video marketing, this is the one to try. The styling, customization, and stock library option is available for free. 

4. Filmora

Beginners may not have high-tech knowledge of editing for marketing as Filmora easily makes the task easy with its in-built templates and presets. If you don’t have time to learn video editing but use professional videos for marketing, this application will do it for you. The simple-to-use steps need not require understanding the technicalities of the software. The powerful editing features make it easy to create interactive videos. The application is applicable across different platforms.

5. FlexClip

FlexClip is an intuitive and user-friendly video marketing tool that allows users to create stunning videos effortlessly. Its drag-and-drop interface simplifies the video creation process, making it accessible for beginners and professionals alike. With a vast library of royalty-free media assets like stock footage, music, and photos, FlexClip enables users to enhance their videos creatively. The platform offers various customizable templates catering to different industries and purposes, enabling users to personalize their videos effectively. FlexClip supports multiple aspect ratios, including those optimized for social media platforms, ensuring seamless sharing across various channels. Its robust editing features, such as text animations, transitions, and video effects, empower users to produce professional-quality videos. Furthermore, FlexClip’s cloud-based nature allows for convenient access to projects from any device, enhancing flexibility and collaboration for video marketing campaigns.

6. VidIQ

If focusing on YouTube marketing, make the most of it with VideoIQ. When working on organic reach, checking the status, increasing search via popular keywords, this is the one to use. From thumbnail generation to keeping track of metrics, many more can be done for free in its basic plan. If you wish to access high-level features, you have to opt for its higher version. To get detailed insights into video marketing, this could be the perfect pick.

7. Renderforest

If planning to create promotional or animated videos in a cloud computing system, try Renderforest. The simple platform enables one to use the features without technical knowledge. Create a professional-level video with unique in-built templates giving a special touch to the video. If creating promotional or introductory videos, this app is the suitable one to use. 

8. Vidyard

Vidyard is perfect for business platforms, creating videos in such a way that mere visitors can be converted to customers. It has a CRM tool for handling data and market trends online. This gives better insight into your brand online, from video customization to video download and upload; the features are easy to use and perfect for marketing online. The videos can be customized and compatible on different browsers and make effective videos. Tracking video analytics, reports, video collaboration, and hosting is easy to use on this app.

9. Videoshop

If in search of video marketing software perfect to work on different platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android, this is the perfect option. This app allows easy integration of features in the video, taking it to the next level. From adding filters to slowing down videos speed, trimming clips, adding titles and subtitles, it supports many features. The tool works great as a combiner to put everything together in one video. Market your videos the best with the help of this platform.  

10. Vimeo

This is another excellent video marketing tool that enables high-quality video hosting for marketing. Give the much-required touch to your video by adding special effects on this platform, and it is easy to do so without much technical knowledge. Depending on the plan of the video that you take, you can get access to features, from embedding videos to collaborative reviews, creating notes on videos, and adding call-to-action, a lot more can be done using this software. Try using its latest version to get access to a wide range of features on the platform. Keep track of marketing campaigns and captivate the views online better with the help of this marketing tool.   

11. Biteable

From editing to marketing, all can be done on this platform which is a feature-packed one. It is just a matter of a few clicks to get the desired effects, filters, and built-in templates on videos. Creating and promoting contact is faster than before on this app. Depending on your business’s brand requirement and size, you have to opt for the right plan of the app. Create a professional level of video in just clicks. Pick the style and design of the content and add the footage and easily edit it. You can also add animation and clips from the library of the app. Give a personalized touch to the software with images that suit the marketing the best. 


So, these are the top 10 video marketing tools that will certainly help you create a buzz in the market. Try the ones you find most suitable and make stunning videos in no time.

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