How to ace a PHONE interview


1. Get dressed as if going to an in-person interview. Why? It creates a professional attitude and mindset.

2. Don’t slouch on the couch. Chair and table/desk, or stand and/or pace. Standing promotes voice projection.

3. Quiet room; no interruptions.

4. Wear earphones or pods to eliminate background noise.

5. Silence all other notifications on phone and laptop (if open).

6. Laptop, pen and paper, and a copy of your CV/Resume.

7. Have written prompts ready especially for the questions that you wish to ask.

8. Have a glass of water at hand.

9. Don’t eat, smoke or chew gum.

10. Answer the phone correctly. eg. “Good morning/afternoon. This is FULL NAME speaking.”

11. If it’s a phone panel interview, you need to attach voice to name very quickly, and use them when you address each interviewer.

12. Thank the interviewer(s) for their time at the end of the call. Send a follow-up “Thank you” email within 6-8 hours.

Smiles can be seen but also “heard!” All other usual interview protocol applies.

Remember that interviews are a 2-way conversation. Employers need to convince you too!