How to Create Content that Lure More Readers


contentPurposeless content creation leads to nowhere. You won’t get new readers or more traffic.

So, how do you ensure you meet your goals?

Write content that satisfies readers and search engines! Here are some essential elements you should keep in mind.

Friendly Content for Users

Page title

  • should express what text is about,
  • have a keyword at the beginning,
  • be worth clicking.


  • should be properly organized,
  • reveal the topic of the article,
  • engage users & make them continue reading.


  • add helpful links within content pointing to your other posts,
  • choose articles that are relevant to the current post.

Visualize your story

  • optimize alt tags for those who cannot see the image,
  • choose the right compression to keep the quality, yet allow fast loading,
  • check visuals on mobile & desktop.

Show what to do next

  • add a call to action to guide readers, e.g., to subscribe, check product, etc.

Friendly Content for Search Engines


  • define primary and secondary keywords,
  • use the main keyword within the first 100 words,
  • add a keyword to title and preferably in headings,
  • naturally use keywords in the anchor text,
  • optimize for long-tail keywords (if possible).


  • create short yet descriptive URL,
  • make sure it matches the title,
  • include a primary keyword in your URL.

Meta description

  • use it to give extra information about your post,
  • include 1–2 keywords in it.

Friendly Content for Both Users and Search Engines

SEO Plugins

  • these types of plugins are great and can significantly develop your text. Yet, make sure you balance between bots and real readers. Include enough technical characteristics into your post and make it interesting & engaging for people.

Follow this checklist to create outstanding content. Thanks to these easy yet working tips, you can improve your blog’s performance.

Happy writing.


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