How to Write a Great Title for your Article and Blog Post


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How to Write a Great Title for your Article and Blog Post

Nine Tricks to lose 20kg weight’, ‘The royal palace was shaken: here’s everything that happened,’’, ‘Do this three things to become successful

What do you think of these few examples of blog post titles?

You know these are probably click baits — Probably are — yet you read it, found it interesting, and were just this close to clicking it if you had not known what it was — tired of telling my dad to stop clicking random links on the internet you would have clicked it.

This is the power of having a well-planned Title.

Why creating a Title is harder than it looks

I never used to plan my blog post titles; I knew that they were important — after all, they are the title — but I was naive to the nuance involved in creating a good one.

Your title completes sixty percent of the task of attracting your targeted audience to your website. The remaining factors are your search engine ranking, the quality of your meta description, and relevance to the searcher’s query.

After discussing the importance of writing a title for your blog post, let’s move on.

We’ve compiled five tips to help you write a title that will increase your chances of converting your audience.

Location of your keyword matters.

The location of your keyword is important. Your main keyword(s) should appear at the beginning of your title. There are two main reasons for this:

In the first place, it informs your target reader that this piece of content is relevant to their inquiry.

Secondly, Google cuts off the title after about 35–40 characters. If you include keywords near the end. Your audience won’t see them!

Keep it simple.

Keep things simple. You should keep the title of your blog post as simple as possible, it should be very clear and forward to the reader. It should not be unclear or your audience will not click.

Add numbers at the starting of your title.

Start your title with a number. From a statistical perspective, websites with a number at the start tend to generate higher click-through rates (CRT).

Make personalised.

Make it personalized. By using words that use the second person voice, the headline feels more direct and personal. Readers will find it more appealing and welcoming.

Utilise Impactful words.

Use impactful words. In the marketing space, impactful words have produced fantastic results historically. Bloggers cherish them as their closest friends.

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