Is Digital Storytelling is The Next Big Thing?


Digital Storytelling

Is Digital Storytelling is the next big thing? A story is the most interesting thing that one person can say to the other provided it is worth hearing. It can be told in a variety of ways and it is up to the brands to create the story so that people can interpret it the way they want to.

Roping in a traditional storyline for promoting a brand with the conventional sequence of introduction, rising action and climax is going to be inefficient because the people online have much shorter attention spans.

Any video which says a story must grab the attention of the audience within three seconds else it is a fail. It may be noted that the channel or medium through which you say the story also plays a role in grabbing the interest of the audience. It is much different to view a video on YouTube as compared to one on Instagram.

More time must be devoted to developing the essential elements of digital video storytelling that grab the different senses of people. Interestingly, an effective story is a collective effort on developing each of the following elements to its mature maximum:


Humour is as contagious as it can get. Most of the viral videos nowadays are content which is funny, and thus are shared amongst friends and peers. If a dark matter is brought to light through humour, it plays a greater impact to create a positive image of the brand on the viewer. Essentially, an effective story must combine humour, a great social message and explain how the brand is influencing it; all these with the greatest executional skills.


Arguably, connecting with the audience by plugging in with their emotions and morals is the best thing ever a brand can do. Developing common feels of issues, odds facing against you, a sense of un-fulfilment and making it relatable with the audience can actually make them ‘become friends’ with your brand. This in turn results in deeper reach and more leads.

Food for thought

Another dimension in which a good story operates is providing something for the audience to think about, discuss about and perhaps even debate about. The best brands play with your mindsets and make you alter the way you have been thinking about something. Digital storytelling is the art of grabbing the common pulse of thought amongst the viewers and synthesizing them for a thought which can ultimately force them to connect with your brand.

How is Digital Marketing Evolving as a Culture?

Digital Marketing is all about riding the wave at the right time. Companies, who catch it at the perfect time and the perfect spot, reap rich rewards. But here are the major drivers for digital marketing that are continually shaping it every single day:

  • Companies have got more exposure to real-time Earlier, they had to wait for months to get an estimate of the revenues, the sell-in and targeted analysis results corresponding to a marketing trend. But companies now have more parameters and greater data available at hand. Having the right skill set to make sense of the data is one thing that all companies tirelessly look for in their hires.
  • Marketing is no longer a one-time Brands nowadays have started to connect morally with their consumers and aim to provide benefits for a lifetime to them in return for staying loyal to their brand. For instance, purchasing a pizza through the Domino’s store will entitle you to receive discounts and other offers, sometimes personalized all for years together.
  • Marketing processes are It is now easier for companies to implement the A/B strategy while marketing since it has become incredibly simple to create digital products for the same. Also, the route to implementation of them has become extremely user – friendly and companies now no longer have to wait for days to have their ad or poster printed on a newspaper or telecasted on the TV.

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