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Serhii Tokarev about the First STEM Ecosystem Activities in Ukraine

STEM is FEM has been one of the initiatives actively performing in Ukraine since 2019 to encourage young girls to explore science and technology. The initiative announced the creation of the first STEM ecosystem in Ukraine. It will unite people, organizations, and ideas related to education and careers in STEM. Serhii Tokarev, co-founder and partner at Roosh, commented on the project’s main goal and activities.

STEM is FEM is a Ukrainian educational project focused on ensuring equal access for Ukrainian girls to continuous learning and opportunities in science and technology. Serhii Tokarev was the one who initiated it. He wanted to reach out to as many young girls interested in STEM as possible and provide them with more information about possible career paths.

To launch the project, STEM is FEM team implemented the art project SHE is SCIENCE first. It involved Ukrainian illustrators who painted portraits of 12 famous Ukrainian female scientists. The paintings were presented at exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, including UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Afterwards, the project launched an educational series “Urbanism” on the national edutainment platform Diia. Education. In 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine honored STEM is FEM with the title of “Honorary Ambassador of Ukraine in the field of scientific and educational diplomacy.”

“The STEM is FEM team realized that we have enough experience and expertise to achieve more ambitious goals and make systemic changes. That is why we are launching the first STEM ecosystem in Ukraine. Our goal is to become a guide for Ukrainian girls interested in STEM and dreaming of a corresponding career. In addition to educational events—webinars, lectures, and courses—we are launching a mentoring program to provide mentorship to those taking their first steps”, shared Tokarev.

Serhii Tokarev also noticed that STEM is FEM has engaged over 500 girls in its activities for five years of its performance. Elizaveta Korenko, the head of STEM is FEM, stated that they have planned to unite 1,000 young Ukrainian women this year within their ecosystem, and by 2030, they aim to reach 10,000.

According to Serhii Tokarev, the STEM ecosystem includes three communities:

  • STEM is FEM Community for girls aged 14-22. This community is focused on developing hard and soft skills, receiving mentorship support from the best representatives of the STEM field, as well as businesses and the government, and getting consultations on employment and careers.
  • Alumni STEM is FEM Club for young women over 22 years old. Those who have previously participated in project activities and want to develop their expertise and become mentors for younger participants can join this community.
  • STEM is FEM Teachers Platform is for teachers who teach STEM disciplines and aspire to improve their qualifications, deepen their knowledge of digitalization and soft skills, and receive mentorship support.

The ecosystem’s activities will incorporate engagement from Ukrainian and foreign experts and mentors ready to share their knowledge and experience with participants from all three communities.

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