Simple Habits that Will Help You Be a Better Decision Maker


Decision Maker

Decision making is complex and challenging. It involves the ability to discern between what is right or wrong, and then, having made a decision, being able to justify it. For some people, this comes naturally, while others are much more indecisive.

It can be a frustrating process to decide which careers suit you and which don’t. In fact, it’s often the most time-consuming part of the job search.

It is good to be confident in making the right decisions. Making a decision quickly and confidently may save you a lot of time and stress..

There is a way for everyone to take steps to be better decision-makers. If you’re looking to become more effective in your decision-making, you should incorporate these nine daily living habits into your daily routine.

1. Be aware of your overconfidence

Overconfidence is the biggest cause of making poor decisions.

2. Know the risks you take

3. Frame Your Problems in a Different way

4. Stop thinking about the issue

5. Take Time to Reflect on your mistakes

6. Recognize Your Shortcuts

7. Take a look at the opposite

8. Label Your Emotions

9. Talk to yourself like an Authentic Friend

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