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Space Invaders: World Defense – The Iconic Game Enters the Realm of Augmented Reality

Space Invaders

Remember the classic arcade game Space Invaders? Well, get ready to experience it in a whole new way! In collaboration with Square Enix and TAITO, an exciting augmented reality (AR) version of Space Invaders is coming to your mobile devices. The game, titled Space Invaders: World Defense, brings the iconic game into the real world, allowing players to battle invading aliens right in their own neighborhoods. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling AR gaming experience.

The Resilience of Space Invaders: World Defense:

Following the initial announcement of Space Invaders: World Defense in 2021, updates on the game became scarce, leading to concerns about its fate. However, despite Square Enix Montreal closing its doors after being acquired by the Embracer Group, the project has resurfaced with renewed vigor. Excitingly, it appears that Space Invaders: World Defense is alive and thriving, promising an immersive and captivating AR gaming experience.

The Power of ARCore Technology:

Space Invaders is developed using Google’s ARCore technology, which takes advantage of Google’s extensive topographical knowledge of our planet. Unlike most AR experiences, where virtual and real elements lack meaningful connections, ARCore enables the augmented elements in the game to be aware of and interact with the real-world environment. This groundbreaking advancement sets Space Invaders: World Defense apart, offering a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

Cross-Platform Accessibility:

Initially associated with Android games due to Google’s involvement, ARCore has pleasantly surprised us by extending its reach to iOS devices. This means that Space Invaders: World Defense will be accessible to a wider audience, allowing both Android and iOS users to join the battle against the invading aliens. Witnessing the sharing of technology across different platforms highlights the industry’s commitment to providing inclusive and engaging gaming experiences for all.

Gameplay Insights:

TAITO recently released a gameplay-oriented clip of Space Invaders, offering an exciting glimpse into the actual playing experience. The video showcases two key aspects of the game that set it apart from other AR experiences.

Firstly, invading aliens appear in the real world through the device’s camera lens, requiring players to shoot them down. What makes this even more intriguing is the invaders’ awareness of their surroundings, made possible by Google’s mapping data. This integration creates a seamless blend of virtual and real elements, enhancing immersion and excitement.

Secondly, the game features a mode that transforms cities and streets into actual levels, allowing players to navigate virtual versions of famous locations like 5th Avenue in New York while obliterating invaders. This mode is reminiscent of Google’s famous April Fool’s joke, where users could play Pac-Man on city streets using Google Maps. Now, players can experience a similar thrill in Space Invaders: World Defense.


Prepare to defend your world against invading aliens in Space Invaders: World Defense, an upcoming augmented reality game that merges the virtual and real worlds seamlessly. With ARCore technology and Google’s mapping data, this iconic game takes on a new dimension, offering an immersive and captivating gameplay experience. Stay tuned for the game’s release later this summer, and don’t forget to visit the official website for more information. Get ready to step outside and join the battle against the Space Invaders in your very own neighborhood!

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