Top 5 Asian Movies Of All The Time That Everyone Should Have On Its Go-To List


PhotocopierWhether it comes to relaxing your mind or finding a perfect plan for your leisure and spare time, most people look up to the best movies in their reach. A lot of categories are already there from which you can choose the best one to spend your spare time. Watching a movie is your personal choice and which category you are going to choose is up to you. The asian movies are perfect for such spare time. We have found an amazing collection of such movies for you.

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Top 5 Asian Movies Of All The Time:

Accessing Asian movies is no more difficult because of the different platforms that are doing well for you. You can not only get access to these movies but also watch them whether it’s online or downloaded options.

Here, we have curated a very interesting list of the top 5 Asian movies that should be on your go-to list in 2022. Let’s catch them up.


Looking for something based on suspense and shock? Well, Photocopier unflinchingly focuses on the theme of crime. The story revolves around a computer science student who was raped at an event and everyone disowned her. Not only she had to give up on her dreams but also accept the humiliation from her society.

The film portrayed the patriarchal side of Muslim society and the unbiased attitude of social media toward the poor. The girl herself fought for removing the label of shame and blame from her life and tried to cope with the situation and her life.

Three Idiots:

Given a positive and regarding the outlook on life, Asian cinema made this big blast Three Idiots movie to show the strong bond of friendship between three friends. The film narrated two times of life. There was a ten-year gap between both parts of life and this gap made the lives of those three friends.

It’s all about destiny and the talent and free spirit that one of those friends had was exceptional.


Well, the movie is all about fights and attempts that a person had to face in his life to get a championship and trophy for the country. Dangal portrays a hardworking father who trains his two daughters to qualify for the country’s sports and games. This movie shows the importance of sports for sports lovers.

The Falls:

This movie is one of the best creations of Asian cinema because this film depicts the story and relationship between a single mother and her young daughter. Both of them quarantined themselves.

The Raid:

Being termed one of the best action movies of all time, The Raid is a unique creation of the Indonesian film industry that has shown unique martial arts in many impressive ways.


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