Top 5 science fiction chinese dramas to binge-watch


chinese dramasAre you interested in science and fiction? Some people love to watch science fiction-based dramas and movies. Every cinema is trying its best to generate more diverse content and Chinese cinema is not keeping itself behind in this also. The top science fiction chinese dramas are recommended here in this article and go to for more such recommendations.

Subjects of Chinese dramas:

By far, you must be aware of the fact that Chinese dramas are not confined to limited genres. Several subjects are there on which Chinese dramas are made. This is to target a larger audience because all of them do not enjoy a single subject, we all want variety.

For all Chinese drama watchers, it is a great point that Chinese dramas are available in multiple genres. And the most loved genres include science fiction, romance, friendship, period dramas, and comedy. Other subjects include friendship, action drama, history, etc.

Our top recommended science fiction Chinese dramas:

We have prepared a short list of some science fiction Chinese dramas that you will enjoy for sure. These are:


Humans are a Chinese drama that tells the story of a robot that enters a family. As the episodes go on, the robot starts interacting with the humans and becomes a part of a family. The whole story is shown in the year 2035. It is a must-watch and this Chinese drama has done full justice to its subject.

The Golden Eyes:

A boy who works at a shop accidentally gets mutated golden eyes, and later you will get to see how his life changes dramatically after this incident takes place. Through golden eyes, he can see invisible things. This series has a romantic and adventurous side to it.

Hot Blooded Goddess:

A story about a woman who travels back in past and gets reunited with her loved ones and saves them. This is a perfectly designed sci-fi with a pinch of comedy.

Empty Body:

Empty Body represents science fiction at its best. This drama series will make you love the subject, science fiction. A mother who gets back her son to life after an accident and tries to save her brain part with an Al connection. The son recovers and gets a new life but later on the change in his behavior and personality leads his mother discovers that the reason is that implantation. This is an interesting story to watch and enjoyable.

My Superpowers Have No Sense of Existence:

A science fiction comedy that gives a lesson as well. The drama is made about a boy whose bad luck becomes his strength. He always gets avoided by the people around him and this thing makes him the top agent later then he works on removing evil, saving lives, and being a voice against violence.

Bottom line:

We have given our recommendations on the top science fiction chinese dramas. Science fiction subject is very interesting and the dramas created on this subject are always highly rated. Chinese dramas based on fiction are mostly watched and loved internationally. To enjoy the best Chinese dramas, check out