Top Five Highest-Rated And Popular Korean Dramas For Your Leisure


The drama craze is something that one cannot deny. The addicts have highlighted that dramas are a part of their lives. Such is the case with korean dramas nowadays. Korean dramas mostly include all South Korean dramas that are of varied genres and themes. Whether you love watching action-based dramas, love stories, fiction-based serials, or something related to entertainment Korean dramas have all these things for you.

In this particular read, we have brought some amazing korean dramas that are available on for you. You can get these dramas from this site easily.

Top Five Highest-Rated And Popular Korean Dramas For Your Leisure:

We have the following dramas for you to bring entertainment and enjoyment to your tough routine. These dramas are undoubtedly the best ones when compared with the other related dramas.

Let’s find out which korean drama will take the top spot.

Crash Landing on You:

This epic korean drama has brought something unique for the lovers to judge and make them suspense throughout the drama series.

In this korean drama, a girl from South Korea accidentally fell on North Korean land in her paragliding adventure and accidentally met with a North Korean Army Officer. They both fell in love and explored a lot of new things with the help of their emotions, feelings, and respect for each other.


This romantic drama series will take you through a life of a protector who was looking for a partner to get rid of his immortal life. Look at the irony of his fate that he found a girl that helped him a lot in ending his cursed immortal life and to make him feel special and alive all over again.

Our Blues:

This Korean drama shows a star-studded cast that is all set to experience the motions of life by living together in the same province. This cast was seen and observed on Jeju Islands where mixed people were living on the same island.

100 Days My Prince:

The whole story of this epic Korean drama revolves around a prince who was suffering from a serious disease and a commoner along with her daughter. The prince fell for that girl and the reason behind that love was the exemption of that girl from a punishment that was made by the prince himself. The prince married that girl to save her life from that severe punishment.

Hospital Playlist:

This renowned and praiseworthy Korean drama will show you the story of five friends that are medical students. These friends are tired of their hectic routines and that’s what made them a music band to get rid of their tough routines. These doctors faced the same ups and downs throughout their lives and the only solution to their sufferings was found in that music band.

Wrap up:

K-drama has brought a tremendous revolution in the different categories of dramas for all the people of the world. There is a complete list to go for the highest-rated and popular korean dramas that you can find on as well. Tunning into this site will save you time in search of these dramas.

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