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Being healthy and fit is a dream for many. To be fit and healthy they try workouts and diets but the biggest obstacle is their consistency in their get fit goals. Here is the 5 simple tips from the experts on how to eat, drink and live a healthy life.

1) Balance is key

Avoid eating too many and too few calories. Strike the right caloric balance by grabbing a light snack 1 hour before going out. That way, you won’t overeat when you get to your destination.

2) Stay full with protein

Protein will keep your energy levels high! Fill up on high-protein foods like fatty fish (including tuna and salmon), eggs, lean beef and cheese.

3) Food group order matters

Optimize your diet’s effectiveness by following this food group order: Vegetables -> Fat -> Protein -> Carbs Starting off your meals with veggies and low-calorie foods high in fibre, like salad, will make you feel fuller faster.

4) Get a ‘healthier’ buzz

Remember to hydrate with water! And when drinking alcohol, stick to low-calorie drinks: clear liquor with soda water to nix the sugary mixers. Alternatively, grab some light beer or a glass of red wine.

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5) A plank a day keeps the doctor away

Boost your metabolism and torch some calories by practicing 1 plank (or more) daily. Want to see tremendous health benefits in the long run? Hold the pose for 1 minute a day. You’ll shed fat from the waistline and improve your posture, balance, muscle endurance and mood!

Include these five tips on your daily routine life and be healthy and stay fit. Be the best version of you.

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